Tecnalia is a benchmark research and technological development centre in Europe. We offer a different business perspective: because they create solutions in co-operation with companies to provide value through technology. Competitive solutions which transform and help businesses grow, while at the same time improve the future of our companies and society.

Our work is supported by experience and expertise through research excellence and offering comprehensive solutions. Tecnalia research to overcome current challenges, connected to the world and with global presence. During AMAZE project, Tecnalia has been involved in several work packages for plasma arc-welding AM with wire-feeding.

In WP3, the additive process was developed along with a complete monitoring system based on internal signal (related to the process), and external sensors, such as embedded thermocouples and other devices such as thermographic cameras or pyrometers; In WP5, part of the work was based on developing and demonstrating a system based on vibration using an external stimuli apply over the melt pool in order to improve microstructure obtained in Ti6Al4V during plasma process. Furthermore, an in-process 3D dimensional scanning with laser sensor to adapt the tool path to the geometry of the substrate was developed; WP7, integration of piezoelectric actuator device into pilot-scale AM factories, where two different devices were generated, first one based on vibration at low frequency and second one, based on vibration at high frequency. As a summary of the results obtained within the AMAZE project, Tecnalia has retrofitted a CNC machine for additive manufacturing based PAW technology, where the monitoring system and in-line control process is ready to use in different applications, such as titanium additive process.