Politecnico di Torino

The Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) focuses on research and education involving the fundamental principles of matter and energy, their transformation and related engineering applications.

It does so throughout a wide and complementary range of disciplines: physics of condensed matter and fundamental interactions, nanotechnology, chemistry, materials science, metallurgy, actively pursuing chemical, physical, materials and food engineering spanning from the conception of new processes, to the development of new chemical reactors and process units by modelling and experimental tools, from the optimisation of control strategies and devices to the design of pilot and industrial-scale plants.

The main goal of Politecnico di Torino within AMAZE was to develop and characterise new aluminium based materials for powder bed additive manufacturing processes. At first, the feasibility of the production of aluminium matrix composites by laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) was investigated. Subsequently, specific alloys that take advantage of the fast cooling that arises during the laser scanning were designed and processed.

The effect of heat treatments on the microstructure on the mechanical properties of LPBF aluminium samples was analysed. These analyses showed that as-built samples can be considered a supersaturated solid solution and that specific post processing heat treatments, such as direct ageing, can increase mechanical properties.

For composites and alloys, the laser-powder interaction and the consolidation phenomena were studied and compared by means of single scan tracks analyses which proved to be a promising solution to foresee the behaviour of a specific material during the LPBF process.