Norsk Titanium

Established in 2007, Norsk Titanium makes titanium components using their proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition™ technology. This method consists of melting a wire by a plasma-arc, depositing layer upon layers to fabricate near-net-shape preforms. Machining components from preforms allows Norsk Titanium to reduce costs compared to forged blocks. Serving the aerospace section, the technology is now suitable to fabricate components up to 900 x 600 x 300 mm at a gross deposition rate of 5 kg/h.

Norsk Titanium matured its Rapid Plasma Deposition™ process, evolving from a company with the objective to develop its technology to now being a supplier of structural components to aircraft manufacturers. Dozens of samples were provided to the consortium to establish baseline mechanical properties in simple walls and features including double-sided and intersecting-wall components. These samples were fabricated by fine tuning process parameters to eliminate the formation of defects and optimise mechanical properties. Norsk Titanium also partially quantified the effect of process parameters on the mechanical properties and established a new approach to machining RPD™ preforms into final components. Lastly, Norsk Titanium now operates as RPD™ factory and has delivered components to OEM.