École Polytechnique Fédérale de La usanne (EPFL)

EPFL is one of Switzerland’s two federal institutes of technology. The Laboratory of Mechanical Metallurgy at EPFL conducts research on the science and engineering of advanced metallic materials, spanning the entire spectrum from materials processing to the exploration of links between the microstructure and the properties of materials, with focus on materials that are made at least in part of metal and can be destined for structural or for functional applications. The laboratory’s approach is largely but not exclusively experimental and touches upon several subtopics of materials science.

The Laboratory for Mechanical Metallurgy at EPFL has contributed microstructural and mechanical characterisation, chiefly by means of tensile and (both low cycle and high cycle) fatigue testing, of materials and structures produced by partners within the AMAZE consortium. Particular focus has been placed on:

(i) measurement and documentation of the engineering performance of materials produced by means of AM processes explored within the AMAZE effort, across the parts and varying the part geometry and/or process parameters, and;

(ii) the identification of defects that influence the mechanical performance of AM-produced metals and alloys, towards defining, in collaboration with partners in other WPs, pathways that might lead to the elimination of such defects.