About Us

AMAZE is a collaboration of 26 leading institutions in European academia, research and industry – the largest and most ambitious group ever assembled on the topic of Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

  • is a key enabler of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and AMAZE will speed-up the awareness and implementation of this cost-reducing technology into the mainstream
  • allows for exceptional flexibility and intricacy at the design stage because of the layering method, providing the ability to create components and products can’t be manufactured any other way
  • creates parts that can be optimised to be lighter and incredibly robust. This reduces waste and cuts the overall process time (vs. conventional methods).

AMAZE will improve the quality, technology, reliability and consistency of AM, ensuring European businesses – small or large will benefit.

Markets being targeted:

Aerospace     Space     Automotive & Tooling     Nuclear Fusion

7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, coordinated by The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). The area of activity of the project is FP7-FoF.NMP.2012-4

Consortium Structure

End-User companies – AVIO, Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Group, ESA, BAE Systems, Volvo, CCFE, Bombardier, AM Feedstock

Hardware & software suppliers – Avio, Norsk Titanium, TRUMPF, Renishaw, Concept Laser, Irepa Laser, MTC, BCTS, Tecnalia, Granta, ESI

Acedemic Researchers -UoB, Cranfield, Politecnico di torino, EPFL, FAU, Manchester Uni, Swansea Uni, Fraunhofer

Our Aims

Our Aim

AMAZE will improve the quality, technology, reliability and consistency, to turn Additive Manufacturing of metallic components into a mainstream industrial process.

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Scientific papers on original research of new material, insitu sensing, novel post processing, adaptronics for a range of AM processing technologies.

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